A Kick To Start Your Own Initiative

Have you been keeping physically active during this pandemic? Yes, most gyms are closed but that’s no excuse to stop working out! How about sports or hobbies like jogging? If you haven’t been physically active, we don’t blame you. Jogging can be a bit boring sometimes, and some people are naturally more sporty. During a time of self-isolation, it certainly harder to get involved in sports as you can’t really have those person to person interactions where you learn the sport. But a few kids out of the Bay Area in California have actually taken the challenge to overcome this obstacle through the use of our virtual world!

Adarsh Gupta, a student with strong ambitions, has 12 years of martial arts experience in taekwondo. With this experience, he and his buddies began a nonprofit program to teach Martial Arts to others. Here’s what he had to say,

“We came together, myself as a founder and two of my friends as co-VP, and created a nonprofit called Fit4Grit Academy. Our mission as all of us being instructors is to help spread Martial Arts and fitness to students around the world virtually. ”

First off, cheers to you Adarsh! Taking a personal interest and creating a platform where you can share it with others is certainly a productive use of the free time we have now. From our very first blog, we have been recognizing and promoting initiatives like these as it is a great way to help others develop their own skills and knowledge. 

Adarsh continued, 

“One thing I learned is that Martial Arts has definitely impacted my life in a major way. I have learned how to be more confident. I have learned major fitness techniques and different health tips… I’ve learned these essential tools, and I want to give back to my community. And I knew that many other instructors would want to do so as well.”

Adarsh brought up a very important point here, which is the idea of learning essential skills from sports that can help you in other areas, in his confidence. Sports are a good way to stay healthy, but they also teach you about having a good work ethic, confidence, the importance of practice, discipline, and many other traits. This applies to all sports. By having this idea as a major foundation for the program, their spread of personal knowledge has taken on a more significant role than just sharing a sport or hobby. 

I know, starting an initiative is hard! But once you start, the momentum will help you push through the tough times. Adarsh began his program and grew it through his martial arts network. He began by creating leadership roles through his network, and now he uses Google Forms for others with Martial Arts knowledge to join! 

Fit4Grit Academy is a remarkable example for what your perspective can do for others. Their knowledge and experience has taught them many lessons, and through their community, they have developed a program that people all around the world can use! 

Don’t overthink your ideas! If you have experience and a passion for it, share it! 

Until next time, 


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